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Arts District
Arts DistrictThe Honolulu Arts District, located on the eastern edge of Chinatown and adjacent to Downtown Honolulu, provides a direct link to the past while being firmly rooted in the present and keeping a keen eye on the future. It's charming store fronts date back to the turn of the 20th century - a time when shopping centers didn't exist, and stores were known by the names and personalities of their owners rather than their national marketing campaigns.

Loft GalleryPhoto: Aly Ishikuni
That authentic atmosphere and diverse business complexion still exist today. In the roughly 12 blocks that comprise the neighborhood, there are over 100 individually owned and operated businesses including more than 75 ethnic and Southeast Asian restaurants (many of which are tops in Honolulu), 25 arts-related businesses, two theatres, ten additional performance art venues, an alternative movie theater, and many of Honolulu's most interesting and best nightclubs. But while there are many strong ties to the past, the area is anything but old with the district's creative minds becoming trend setters in recent years in terms of culinary, musical and other artistic displays.

Not surprisingly, the Arts District is now a driving force in the arts scene in Hawaii and critical to keeping the arts alive and healthy in our State. The contributions made by its store owners are a blessing not just to Hawai'i artists but to the public as well. There is truly something unique and alluring on offer every day and night of the week.

Arts District Map: View a thorough map of the Arts District's shops, galleries, restaurants and nightclubs.

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