Friday, October 31st 2008
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Win Tickets By registering for the Hallowbaloo Mailing List, you will be automatically entered into all sweepstakes including sweepstakes awarding free tickets to Hallowbaloo concerts. Everyone on the Mailing List will also be notified of ways to win tickets through promotions run by Hallowbaloo corporate partners. For more information about ways to win great prizes.

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Note: If you win tickets and have already purchased tickets, the Hallowbaloo will refund 100% of your ticket purchase fees. There are therefore no penalties for buying tickets in advance and there are a number of benefits as well. All of the Hallowbaloo concerts are expected to sell-out. It is highly recommended that you purchase tickets in advance if you wish to attend one of the concerts. By doing so, you will receive a $5/ticket discount and ensure yourself entry to the festivities. Two of the venues (NextDoor and Loft Gallery Lounge) hold a very limited number of people and will sell-out. The funkfest at The Waterfront is also expected to sell-out. The last Halloween show produced by T-Rx Entertainment, LLC at The Waterfront venue (Ozomatli's first Hawaii Halloween show in 2004) sold-out in advance.

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