Friday, October 31st 2008
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Arts District
If you would like to volunteer to help host Honolulu's inaugural Hallowbaloo, please contact our staff at:

"Many hands make light work."

Help bring the Hallowbaloo spirit to folks throughout Hawai'i and the globe by posting a Hallowbaloo Music + Arts Festival banner on facebook, myspace, message boards, bulletin boards, blogs, personal e-mail lists, etc... Two banners are available below.

Support the Hallowbaloo by posting the following banners:

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The Hallowbaloo Music + Arts Festival became a reality in 2008 thanks to hundreds of merchants, government officials and volunteers whose great efforts in recent years have restored a brilliant shine to one of Hawaii's crowning jewels - the Honolulu Arts District. On October 31, these same individuals will be opening their doors and inviting Hawaii residents and visitors of all ages and backgrounds to join together and rejoice amidst a truly outstanding and healthy celebration. By spreading the spirit of the Hallowbaloo, you will be giving these individuals a well-deserved reward while at the same time helping support Honolulu's arts & music scene.

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